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Is Cleared to Drive a government agency or a part of the New York State DMV?

What is Cleared to Drive?

We are not part of the New York State DMV. Cleared to Drive is a member of the DMV’s Vision Registry, which authorizes outside providers like us to administer the vision screenings required for driver’s license renewal. Our vision test is designed to determine whether you meet the minimum requirements to drive in the state of New York. The DMV Online Vision Registry has a list of authorized eye test providers.

Our relationship with the NY DMV as a member business of the Vision Registry allows us to input your vision test results directly electronically into the DMV’s computer system, meaning that they get the results immediately and you can renew your license online on the DMV’s website as soon as you pass with us. This also means there are no vision forms (MV-619) that you have to fill out and submit to the DMV to prove you have passed your vision test; we do that for you.

Do I Need to Take a Vision Test?

Cleared to Drive online vision tests

In order to renew a driver’s license in New York, you’re required to pass a vision test. When you visit a DMV location in-person to renew, they offer to administer the vision test there. If you’re renewing your driver’s license online, you can take your vision test online at Cleared to Drive. Once you pass your online test, your results get submitted to the DMV electronically. All you have to do is visit the DMV’s Online Renewal page and finish your transaction with them.

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