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If I Lost My South Carolina Driver’s License or Don’t Have It with Me, Can I Still Renew It?

As long as your South Carolina driver’s license is active, meaning it’s not suspended, and hasn’t been expired for more than 9 months you may renew it online. In fact, if you’ve lost your driver’s license and it’s expiring soon a better option is to renew it instead of purchasing a replacement since the replacement will have the same expiration date as your previous license, and you will have to pay for a renewal soon anyways.

How Do I Replace a South Carolina Driver’s License?

Purchase a SC driver's license replacement online

Losing a driver’s license is never a pleasant experience. If your South Carolina license is lost or stolen, you should report it to the police and request a replacement from the SCDMV. Even if your license may be misplaced, if you can’t find it, someone may be using your identity and it’s better to report it in order to avoid any risks. You should also purchase a replacement immediately and never drive without your SC driver’s license.

A replacement driver’s license costs $10 and can be solicited online at the SCDMV’s website as long as you haven’t purchased one within the last 12 months. If you’ve already requested a replacement online in the past year, you’ll have to purchase another one in person at your local DMV branch and you may need a police report.

The SCDMV monitors the number of replacement driver’s licenses requested by anyone within one renewal cycle. If your license expires within 9 months you may take the required vision test and renew the license online as long as you know your driver’s license number. Instead of a replacement, you’ll receive a new 8-year South Carolina driver’s license.

How Do I Renew a Lost South Carolina Driver’s License?

All you need is your South Carolina driver’s license number to process your renewal online. As long as you know your license number, you can schedule a virtual appointment to take the required SCDMV vision test online. You will need another form of identification for your vision test (a passport or a credit card with photo will work) and you’ll need to provide your driver’s license number so your results can be submitted to the DMV as soon as you pass.

After your vision test is completed, you’ll finish processing your driver’s license renewal at the SCDMV website. You’ll receive your renewed license in the mail approximately 15 days after your transaction is processed. Schedule an appointment online and take the vision test at your convenience.

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