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How Do I Know if My Local SCDMV Office is Open?

The South Carolina DMV remains open during COVID-19 with some offices offering limited hours and special procedures in place in order to continue to help residents process transactions in person while maintaining a safe environment. You can see what locations are open and find a branch near you using our SCDMV office directory.

Schedule a SCDMV Appointment

South Carolina drivers can save time and process various transactions at the DMV’s website. Find your local SCDMV branch using our office directory and see if your transaction can be done online before scheduling an appointment to visit in person.

If you need to apply for new documents or your transaction is not available online, make sure you book an appointment at the DMV location you wish to visit. Most SCDMV locations are open Monday through Friday, while some are currently only open on Wednesdays, so make sure you plan ahead and look up your local office’s current hours. Appointments are available 21 days in advance and slots can fill up quickly at some locations so make sure you plan accordingly if your documents are expiring soon.

Have Your Documents Ready for Your Appointment

Have your documents ready for your SCDMV appointment

Your time is valuable. Save as much of it as possible by having the necessary documents filled out when you go to your in-person appointment. The DMV offers a list of forms and documents online that you can download and bring with you so that you can process your transaction quickly.

New vision test requirements for driver’s licenses and permits have to be submitted electronically to the DMV. Whether you take the vision test online or in person at your local eye care provider, you won’t receive any additional document to bring to your appointment.

To find your nearest open location, visit our SCDMV offices page.

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