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Can I skip seeing an eye doctor in person if I take an online eye test?

Online Eye Exams Differ from In-Person Visits to Your Eye Doctor

Although taking an online vision test offers a great deal of convenience, it is not a replacement for having your vision checked regularly. Our tests are done explicitly for checking your acuity for the purpose of renewing your driver’s license. It’s important to understand that our online eye exams don’t test the health of your eyes.

Online vision tests like ours are of great value because they allow people to renew their driver’s licenses online without having to visit a DMV in person, however they do not test for eye problems that an optometrist can detect by performing a comprehensive eye examination. Visiting an eye doctor regularly is important for early detection of conditions such as diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma. Early detection of these eye problems can help prevent possible vision loss and even blindness, so it’s important to have an annual comprehensive eye examination with your local doctor of optometry even if your vision seems fine and you do not need corrective lenses to see well.

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Understanding Online Eye Exams

There are different types of online eye exams available, but without visiting an optometrist or ophthalmologist, it’s impossible to detect possible eye health problems because a doctor or eye care professional isn’t there to physically examine your eyes. With the use of emerging technology, there are some online eye exams that can assess refractive errors and prescribe glasses or corrective lenses. These exams make renewing prescriptions or ordering new glasses an easy process and saves you a trip to the eye doctor, though their results may be less accurate and precise than an in-person examination for glasses or contacts with your local optometrist.

When you go see your optometrist, your exam usually also includes a measurement of visual function, a peripheral vision test, an eye pressure check, and an examination of the health of the physical structures of your eyes. So, while having these online eye exams available offers convenience in certain situations like renewing your driver’s license or getting new prescription glasses online, they do not replace a complete eye exam performed by an eye care professional. You can find your local Doctor of Optometry here.

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