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Can I Renew a South Carolina License Online, By Mail, Or in Person if I Take an Online Vision Test?

Yes! In fact, the easiest way to renew a South Carolina driver’s license is online. Your vision test results are submitted to the SCDMV whether you’re renewing your license online, in person, or by mail. Prior to October 1, 2020 South Carolina did not require a vision screening for drivers who were renewing their license, but anyone renewing a license or leaner’s permit after that date has to submit results of a vision test certifying that they meet the minimum vision requirements to drive in South Carolina.

Cleared to Drive’s online vision test is SCDMV-approved and offers South Carolinians the possibility of renewing their license entirely from home again. If you need to visit a DMV location in person or choose to renew by mail, the SCDMV will have your test results right after you pass the online eye test.

How Long Does It Take to Get My Online Eye Test Results?

Instant online eye test results

You get your results right away! Your vision tester will let you know whether you passed or failed as soon as the eye exam is over. Cleared to Drive offers a risk-free guarantee so you only pay for the test if you pass. It’s a great way of knowing whether you meet the vision requirements even if you have to visit the DMV.

Once you’ve completed the vision test, you can renew your driver’s license online at the SCDMV website. After you’ve completed the transaction, the DMV will mail you your new South Carolina driver’s license within 15 business days. If you take your vision test online and need to visit the DMV, you don’t need to bring any additional forms with you. The SCDMV will already have your online vision test results.

What if I Recently Had My Vision Checked?

There are two ways to meet the vision test requirement that the SCDMV introduced last October for drivers who want to renew a license or permit. Drivers can take the vision test online or in person. The SCDMV offers the required vision test in person at their local DMV offices. You can take the eye test there if you make an appointment for your transaction. You can also have your eye exam administered by your local eye care provider. This will probably require some planning and making an appointment ahead of time. If you’ve recently had your eye exam done, your optometrist can send your results to the DMV electronically. If it has been more than 12 months since your last exam, you’ll need to do another vision screening.

You can conveniently schedule a virtual appointment to take the required vision test online any time that works for you.

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